Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry

I have written fiction and poetry since I was a kid. I had some poems published in a local anthology back in 2005 and 2006 called Skipping Stones. Recently, I started writing fiction again. Here’s a sample of some things I have published on Medium. I’ll add more once it becomes available.

“She had quit drinking five months ago. After that night out with friends and the soul-changing conversations with Hemingway and Joyce. No one had been privy to their conversations except her. The confused looks her friends gave her after she excitedly recounted her encounter with slurred words and extravagated hand gestures made her self-conscious.”

“It happened again, didn’t it? I feel like Dante every time I enter a place like whenever I find you here again. It’s always something, isn’t it? Let’s try this again.”

Published by Kelly

An aspiring writer, blogger, and scholar. Very much a geek.

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