Content Writing: NOLA Tour Guy

NOLA Tour Guy

NOLA Tour Guy is a locally owned tour company in New Orleans, LA, offering free walking tours of the city. Worked on creating content pieces for the blog. Examples include:

“Who’s Really Buried in Maire Laveau’s Tomb? Her Legacy and Her Tomb”

“I first learned about Marie Laveau through American Horror Story with Angela Bassett starring as the legendary Voodoo priestess in season 3. The only thing I knew about Marie Laveau was that she was a real person, but beyond that, I only knew what I saw on screen and from myths and fiction. How much of it is accurate, though?”

“Best Day Trips from New Orleans”

“New Orleans, Louisiana, is chalk full of things to do. but there is also so much more to explore outside of New Orleans on a day trip. Use this list and the map below to take yourself on a self-guided driving tour of day trips from New Orleans, Louisiana.”

“What Cemeteries are open in New Orleans 2021-2022”

“One of the most famous things about New Orleans is its cemeteries. These cemeteries are in the famous backdrops of movies like Easy Rider, the Anne Rice novels, and many other fantasy, horror, and historic fictional works. These sites have long caught the imagination of people. These cemeteries also reflect the many cultural, ethnic, economic, and roots that have shaped New Orleans over the centuries.”

“Why Are People Buried Above Grounds?”

“The geography of New Orleans is a driving factor in why above-ground tombs exist in the iconic city. When the French originally settled in New Orleans in the early 18th century, the city was surrounded by bodies of water including the Mississippi River, Lake Borgne, and Lake Pontchartrain. Being surrounded by all these bodies of water lead the city to have a high water table. The dangers of trying to bury someone in an area with a high water table could lead to flooding of the graves or the coffin even being displaced.” 

“Is the French Quarter Worth Visiting in 2022?”

“The French Quarter is probably the most famous place in New Orleans but isn’t it just a tourist trap. We think it’s famous for a good reason. In 2022, the French Quarter remains one of the most intact historic and dynamic neighborhoods in the country and is still worth visiting. Read on and find out why.”

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