About Me

Well, where to start? That’s me by the way on the left. Greetings and welcome. My name is Kelly and you’ve stumbled upon my personal website and portfolio (with the occasional blog). You’re probably wondering what this place is all about, huh? Let me explain.

My Decades’ Long Love AFFAIR WITH Writing

Writing is something that has been a part of me since I was 11. I also started to read in earnest. As the years rolled on and through high school, I still found myself enamored with writing, even more now. As I started my freshman year in college, I declared my degree in English with a focus in writing. However, another unexpected thing happened: I also fell in love with literature as well. Time continued to march on and I graduated with my masters in English with a focus in literature in 2018. However, despite meeting all these goals, I never really considered myself a writer.

That simple word: writer. All knowing and powerful. Creator and destroyer of world with a mere pen stroke of typing of a key. It holds a lot of power, dreams, and everything in between. Despite my education and my career experiences, I never really felt like real writer.

Creating the Website

At first, it was just about creating a blog but then it morphed into sometihing more. A space to house all my creative endeavors.

In addition to creating my own blog, I decided it was time to create a portfolio and something that I have always wanted to do, freelance writing and editing. Hence the creation of Kelly’s Surf Words.

Kelly’s Surf Words? AND WHY THE OWL?

I love the ocean, the beach, and body surfing. I also love writing. So, Kelly’s Surf Words was named.I also love birds, bird watching, and Greek mythology. The owl was a symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. I felt it was fitting. So an owl to represent Kelly’s Surf Words, writing and to remind me of the pursuit of wisdom.

Is this just a blog?

I like to think it is more than a blog. Yes, I do write here but I also have information regarding my photography and something I have always wanted to pursue, freelance writing and editing.

OKAY, What services do you provide?

Aside from the blog, I have information here about the freelance services. I have experience in content/blog writing, copywriting, resume and cover letter writing, and editing in a variety of contexts.

Welcome to my website and portfolio!

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