Revisiting Photography, Side Hustles, and Resurrecting My Online Photography Shops

Revisiting the photography side hustle. My photo (c) 2022.

Last year, I bought myself a used DSLR camera. I had aspirations of learning photography and selling my photos as a side hustle. A year later, that camera mostly sat, and I became distracted with other things. That hasn’t stopped me from still taking photos. The only things I use consistently are is my phone for pictures and editing using Adobe Lightroom.

I find myself in a position where I need to increase my income in addition to the jobs I already work again. This was kind of the idea last year when I decided to get back into photography as well (in addition to strengthening my skill set). I originally used two platforms to attempt to sell on, RedBubble and SmugMug. (I still haven’t sold anything to this day).

The last time I did anything or revisited my shops was back earlier this year. I let things go. I didn’t update or add anything new. I just kind of let it sit there. I even switched to a cheaper plan on SmugMug to save money. Admittedly, there are a few problems that I have. I have a short attention span, have trouble staying consistent with things, and get dissuaded easily if I don’t have immediate success or validation. This caused me to lose interest and let it flounder.

Fast forward and we’re into the second half of 2022. I find myself in a position of needing to bring in extra income and I’m getting nervous about money again. I am terrible with budgeting and my anxieties and quick urge to spend have gotten me trouble from time to time in my 20s. I am trying not to do that again, so I can’t help but get anxious when I find myself spending a bit more than I planned to.

I researched some ideas last year for side hustles and side gigs. I still freelance with writing and editing. I write with Medium (although not as consistently as I would like). I signed up for DoorDash but, in all honesty, was too afraid to do so with the risks and dangers of driving. I really don’t want to risk a wreck with my car so I haven’t done that. In my early 20s, I used to donate plasma for extra cash. To be perfectly honest, I don’t want to go that route unless I really have to. So I found myself back to photography and those old shops I had.

Why did I decide to come back to my online shops (aside from money)? Last Saturday, I was at a local coffee shop and they were also hosting a small local vendor market. We were talking and she talked about how she started and the goal was you just needed to start somewhere and just stick with it. And it just reminded me that I must go back and stick with this effort. So, I’m trying to resurrect selling my photography again. Hopefully, I’ll be consistent and stick with it again.

If you want to check out my stuff (again), take a look: RedBubble and SmugMug.

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