Resetting 2022

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It’s been a few months since I’ve really written anything aside from some freelance writing. The truth is that I’ve struggled on a lot of different levels.

My work schedule, while I thought was manageable in January, soon took on a life of its own. I found myself working 7 days a week with about 60 to 70 hours put in. I burnt out emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. My body kept chugging along but my mind was exhausted. This doesn’t even take into consideration my roller coaster anxiety thanks in part due to the situation in Ukraine, the 24-hour news cycle, and my anxiety running away with my imagination thinking of endless “What if?” scenarios and the end of the world. Needless to say, it wasn’t pleasant.

As April ends and May looks to start, I am looking to do a reset of sorts.

The writing goals that I had started in 2022 with making sure I write every day and going back into fiction disappeared when my anxiety and depression decided to take up the vacancy in my life. Everything went to sort of. I didn’t find joy in my favorite activities. Writing and reading became chores. In addition to my work schedule, I was also trying to balance working on both my mental and physical health. It was challenging and draining. I don’t know how I was doing it, but I was barely functioning.

I am still struggling to reign in my anxiety; some days are better than others depending on what’s going on in the world. I am working on trying to cope, but one thing I am trying to get back is to find joy in the things I used to, including writing and reading. I am finding I need to prioritize these activities and make sure I make time in my schedule. Even if it means physically putting it into my calendar so it will get done.

Another goal is actually to get back out into the water this year. I chicken out for one reason or another and it’s been a while since I’ve been in the water to either body surf or just swim.

Lastly, as always, is the creative stuff. I’ve lost my connection and joy in doing anything creative. The writing is the most obvious. I really want to get back into the swing of things and write fiction again, even if it is just for myself. I also want to refocus on photography and even, dare I even think about, rekindling a YouTube channel I attempted about six years ago.

So, let’s reset 2022, try to stay mindful in the present, and reconnect to the creative things and good things that make me a better person.

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