Thanksgiving Nostalgia

Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

As I grew older, I’ve been feeling myself become more nostalgic. I don’t yearn for memories or really good food or falling asleep at the dinner table (which has happened to me before). Instead, I grow nostalgic about the memories of my family and those simpler times.

I know, it’s silly. As I kid, I used to always dread the three-hour drive to my grandparents’ home and would sometimes get overwhelmed by all the activity and craziness that was Thanksgiving. I also get nostalgic for the family members that have lost. It’s not just the memories of that particular dinner, but it brings a whole sea of memories that I have gathered throughout my life.

This Thanksgiving, I will be assisting in cooking it for the first time. Another milestone. Another notch in my belt. But I will still be surrounded by memories of my family and be thankful for every single one of them.

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