Part 1: Is There Any Value in an eReader?

Part one of a three-part series.

Photo by Antonio Scalogna on Unsplash

I think got my first eReader sometime in 2007 or 2008 while I was in college.

I got it as a Christmas gift from my mom. It was white. You know, that gray-white that electronics at that era were. It reminded me of a Hewitt-Packer, was it was just a few shades whiter to almost beat being gray. I don’t remember the name brand of thing. It was off-brand and not an Amazon Kindle or a Barnes and Noble Nook. It was some company that was trying to jump on the bandwagon of the latest tech craze. Like all those companies who tried to manufacture their own MP3 players in the early 2000s. This company was trying to accomplish the same thing.

I don’t remember the exact specifications of it. I do remember that I couldn’t download any new books. I mean, it might have, but it was connected to an existing bookstore. I knew that I could download older eBooks and Project Gutenberg is what came to mind.

So, I downloaded a small batch of classic novels from Project Gutenberg. After Christmas break came and went, I went back to college and brought my Reader with me.

My bachelor’s degree was English so I had a combination of literature and writing classes I was taking at one time or another. I thought to be proactive, I would try to download one of the class textbooks on my eReader to make my life easier. I would only have to carry one thing instead of multiple books. The experience didn’t go so well.

The reading experience was clunky. The eReader didn’t work have the time. I missed the tactile feel of the pages between my fingers. The appreciation for the intricate designs of the book and paper quality. Nothing seemed to be better than the physical copy. I was 19 or 20 at the time but I swore to never invest in an eReader or an eBook. Until a few years ago.

In the following two articles of this mini-series, I will explore my opinions about the physicality of books and how my attitudes have shifted over the past few years.

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