New Update, New Look

The new logo.

I don’t know what came over me this weekend. I had been working on making Medium a more concrete thing and trying to refine my Fiverr gigs in landing that ever elusive first client. I started thinking and listing all the creative avenues I had started in 2021 and reflected back on the original goal of this website.

I created Kelly’s Surf Words to serve as a blog and slowly evolve into freelancing writing. The website languished until June until I started getting serious about it. I did a couple of blog entries but nothing more. August was getting the courage to join Fiverr and Upwork. I started writing a bit more for Medium these past couple of weeks. I also had a RedBubble shop. I had all these creative endeavors but they were all over. I lacked a central location to house everything.

Which brings me back to this blog, which is now also a hub for my creative endeavors, my freelance writing, my photography, and a portfolio. I decided to house it all under here: Kelly’s Surf Words

I spent a good chuck of today in between my job and everything else updating and reconfiguring pages. I even bit the bullet and invested in a professional logo. It’s seems an odd mismatch, like all the things going on here. The owl represent Athena’s owl (the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology) and the original title of the website, Kelly’s Surf Words which connects my love of the beach with my love of writing.

Here’s to a new phase and beginning to the life of Kelly’s Surf Words.

Published by Kelly

An aspiring writer, blogger, and scholar. Very much a geek.

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