Picking Photography Back Up

The new camera. A used Canon Rebel T6.

Photography is something I’ve always had an interest in and took every opportunity to dabble in. For the longest time, I used a Canon Powershot from 2010 that still works for a lot of shots. When I got my first smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy II, the initial release of Instagram timed together perfectly. And for awhile, those two worked perfectly.

Then in 2015, I started bodyboarding and wanted to take video of my adventures out. The videos weren’t amazing but I acquired two older GoPros. My go-to for video is still my GoPro Hero Session. I’ve also used the the screen capture feature on computers to grab a few awesome moments to throw on Instagram. I also had an old Canon PowerShot that I’ve experimented with too. You can see my efforts of photography here if you’re curious. Even before than, my very first laptop back in 2005 had Paint Shop Pro on it and I used to love creating wallpapers and graphics for fun.

This past month, I got it into my head to revisit an old desire of mine. Getting serious and learning photography. I used to challenge myself by trying to take great picture with my phone, but I wanted to up my game. After a handful of hours, I found used Canon Rebel T6 for a good deal on eBay. I’ve also had Photoshop and Lightroom sitting on my MacBook because I wanted to dive back into photo editing and graphic design again a couple years back. Taking this opportunity to master the new camera seems like the best opportunity to relearn these skills again, especially Photoshop as that seems to be the preferred standard today.

I’m not sure what the future holds with the photography front or if it will turn into something serious. As sour as 2020 was and rough the first half of 2021 has been, I hope to capture some awesome shots for the latter half of the year.

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